About us

The UK Team

Dr Ruaraidh MacDonagh (Chairman)

Consultant surgeon in the UK, currently working in Taunton. Ru first worked at Mnazi Moja Hospital in Zanzibar 18 years ago and in addition to living in Tanzania and Zanzibar for 6 months in 1992 has travelled and worked extensively in Africa.

Dr Roma Walker (Administrator)

Roma has years of wide ranging experience working in the voluntary sector and in the field of social justice in particular. Her doctorate is in criminal justice and she has worked for the Council of Europe as a short-term expert on the humanitarian development of the Turkish penal system. She was particularly drawn to HIPZ after a life changing experience ten years ago when she was fortunate enough to work in Kenya on an aid project and she knows how the passionate commitment of a small organisation can make a positive and tangible difference.

Dr Jon Rees (Trustee)

A General Practitioner in Somerset, Jon was previously a surgical trainee in Taunton working with Ru MacDonagh. During his time in Taunton, Jon went to work at Mnazi Moja Hospital in Stonetown, Zanzibar under Mr Mohammed Jiddawi, a valued friend and supporter of HIPZ. Jon has also spent time working in hospitals in Lesotho, South Africa and Tanzania. He has been a trustee of HIPZ for the last 3 years and has a particular interest in the management of 'non-communicable disease' (e.g. high blood pressure) in Zanzibar.

Susie Moore (Trustee)

Susie has worked in the Advertising and Marketing world for over 14 years, including the launch of Orange, the re-brand of O2, and the transformation of the former millenium dome to The O2. She now wants to put her experience to good use on HIPZ, 'in the business of saving lives'.

Dr Fiona Cresswell (Trustee)

I had the privilege of working in Makunduchi Hospital in 2010/11 where I focussed on developing the maternity services, new maternity unit and ultrasound service. I assisted in the momentous first Caesarean section in Makunduchi. The safe delivery of healthy twins gave the staff the confidence to continue operating regularly.

I now coordinate the HIPZ volunteer staff and continue to develop the ultrasound service. I completed the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in 2010 and now teach on the East African DTM&H. Back in the UK I'm a trainee physician with an interest in Tropical Medicine, HIV and sexual health currently living and working in Brighton.

I believe HIPZ's long term and holistic approach to improving the rural health services in Zanzibar has already, and continues to, make a big difference.

Dr Nick Campain (Trustee)

A surgical trainee who has worked and travelled in several African countries, Nick has spent 9 months working in Zanzibar. He worked in Makunduchi in 2011 and oversaw the renovation of the hospital wards as well as helping to manage the expanding surgical service and other hospital facilities. He strongly believes in the HIPZ ethos of working in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar to improve healthcare systems.

Anthony Rackham (Trustee)

Anthony, along with his late wife Mary, spent a great deal of time developing the administrative and financial systems for HIPZ, organising fundraising events, the elective programme and also being very 'hands on' in Zanzibar with the redecoration and reorganisation. He is now the lead trustee for the website and social media.

Dr Mike Spencer Chapman (Trustee & Treasurer)

Mike graduated with a first in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University before moving to London to study Medicine at Bart's and the London. During that time he worked on the Cancer Genome Project as part of their research discovering new breast cancer genes. Mike moved to Zanzibar in September 2012 and worked in Kivunge hospital where he and his partner Caitlin introduced the many reforms necessary to turn around the failing hospital.He returned to UK in July 2013 and accepted the offer to become a trustee of the charity.

Caitlin Farrow (Trustee & Secretary)

Caitlin has held a variety of public policy and research posts since graduating with a first class degree from Nottingham University in 2005. She worked on a project researching the working conditions of migrant sex workers in London and Madrid. She has co-written reports on the rights of child migrants and on trafficking in the UK. Since 2006 Caitlin worked as a researcher for an MP and more recently for an east London local authority, specialising in housing, immigration and public health policy.

Caitlin moved to Zanzibar in September 2012 with her partner Mike where she took on the role of Project Manager for HIPZ. She was instrumental in the transformation of Kivunge hospital and has put in place secure financial processes. She is particularly interested in the whole-systems approach HIPZ takes to improving healthcare and is greatly enjoying being part of the HIPZ team. She returned to UK in August 2013 and has agreed to become a trustee.

Martin Hall (Associate)

Architect based in both the UK and Zanzibar. Martin is the lead architect for the project and, along with Nanette and his wife, Avril, has prepared the plans both for the Primary Health Care Unit and the main hospital rebuild.

Anne Campain (Electives)

Anne trained as a biochemist and has experience in hospital research, and medical information services in the pharmaceutical industry. For many years she worked as a freelance medical writer, and most recently worked in hospital library services. She became increasingly interested in the HIPZ project through her son Nick, and a visit to see him at work in Makunduchi further fuelled her enthusiasm to become involved with HIPZ, and the elective programme.

Richard Farrow (Accounts)

Richard is a qualified accountant, now retired after some years of preparing the accounts of a university and of other charities.  He became involved in the HIPZ project following a visit to Zanzibar while his daughter Caitlin was working as Project Manager there, and is now extending the range and resilience of the HIPZ accounting processes.

Dr Ramsay Singer (Associate)

Ramsay worked in Zanzibar in 2013/2014, spending 7 months at Kivunge and 6 months at Makunduchi, focussing on training and service development. He is now an oncology trainee in London and still works with HIPZ on sustainability in Makunduchi.

Dr Peter McGovern (Associate)

Peter spent 8 months in Makunduchi in 2013/14 & worked alongside a team from Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway to establish the Makunduchi Psychiatry Service. He is now a psychiatry trainee in Bristol and working with HIPZ to further develop the psychiatry service at Makunduchi as well as  establishing a sister service in Kivunge opening in 2016

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