Does your Dad have enough socks?  Has your Grandma got too many toiletries? Or are you looking for a gift for the friend who has everything?


This Christmas, instead of fighting the crowds to buy the same old presents, why not get something a little different for your friends and family, and help the people of Zanzibar at the same time?


Get a warm glow with our ethical gifts and save on heating*! *Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that Warm Glow Christmas Gifts will reduce your heating bill.


When you purchase a Warm Glow Christmas Gift we will send a card to the recipient with your message (or to you if you would like to personally send the card). The card can either be posted or emailed.

We can also send your Christmas cards for you this year, saving you lots of time and putting your money towards our great cause.

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Three Wise Men (or Women!) for a day

Our very wise volunteer doctors are vital to the success of our work.


Like the Three Wise Men in the nativity story, they bring gifts – but in this case, rather than myrrh and frankincense, they give the gift of knowledge.


Fully qualified doctors with at least two years of work experience, our volunteers spend a minimum of six months in the hospitals in Zanzibar. They provide clinical support, run healthcare improvement projects, and resolve key issues. Most importantly, they improve systems and work alongside and train local staff, ensuring that HIPZ’s work is effective and sustainable.


Give this gift and the three wise men (or women) can play their vital role this Christmas.



The Gift of Life

Almost a third of children in Zanzibar show stunted growth and 7.2% have global acute malnutrition. Of these, 50% could die if not appropriately treated.


Just £25 can cover the treatment needed, including a special feeding programme, nutritious supplements (PlumpyNut), and dedicated staff care to ensure that malnourished children survive.


As you tuck into your Christmas dinner this December, you can bask in a warm glow knowing a child in Zanzibar is also getting enough to eat.

Give the gift of life to a child in Zanzibar this Christmas.


A Child is Born

Every month the HIPZ hospitals welcome an average of 245 babies into the world.


Clean bedding, including plastic sheets, ensures that babies are born into a clean, hygienic environment and can receive the best possible start in life.

Your Christmas gift this year can support our work to bring so many more happy little bundles of joy into the world.

Warm Glow Christmas Cards

Save time and paper this Christmas by sending our online charity Christmas cards for a good cause.


Choose your design, personalise your message, enter the donation amount you would usually spend on your Christmas cards, add the email addresses, and we’ll send your Christmas cards for you.

Our Warm Glow Christmas Gifts - how we spend your money

HIPZ hospitals support almost 5,000 patients every year through clinical work, specialised projects, infrastructure, and systems management. We need to be flexible and adaptable so we can respond immediately to the emerging needs – healthcare is a speedy business! Our flexibility allows us to adopt the most effective and efficient solution to identified needs, suitable to the local context. As such, your donation is used where the need is greatest.


Our Warm Glow Christmas Gifts are examples of how we may spend your funding. Our gifts fit within our priorities of maternal and neonatal health, paediatrics, and non-communicable diseases. So whatever gift you buy, you can rest assured that it is getting to the people who need it most, in the most efficient way. Thank you!

A great big Thank You and Merry Christmas from all the HIPZ family!

HIPZ (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar) is a registered charity (no: 1171687) and limited company (no: 10168369).

Our registered office is Rosehill, Broomfield, Bridgwater TA5 2EL, England