Case of the Week: 21st May

May 21, 2018

So this week we've got an incredibly rare and highly unique case, requiring the HIPZ team to spring into action on their way home from work and called upon not only their medical expertise, but search, rescue and retrieval!


On driving home from a day working at Kivunge Hospital, the desperate cries of G were heard from the under the bonnet of the HIPZ Volunteers' car! I should point out at this point that G is a 4-5 week old kitten (!) and he was found cowering behind the headlight. Initial retrieval attempts were unfortunately unsuccessful...

The HIPZ team rallied the locals, who rallied more many locals, but the collective attempts were in vain. Eventually we assumed that G has slipped the net and was probably safely hiding from all the attention, so we set off again, but 100m down the road, we heard his cries again...


Volunteer Dr Alec, with further determination to not let G escape his grip a second time, successfully pulled his tiny body from under the bonnet of the car! G was carefully assessed and did not appear to have any injuries, but was a little shaken from his ordeal.

Safely in the arms of Dr Hannah (and later her shoulder, which appeared to be his position of choice), he was conveyed back to the HIPZ Volunteer house! He was fed and watered and settled quickly! He was named Gary, gari being the Swahili word for car! It was decided that the Nungwi house only had room for one cat (Cole being the longest serving resident of the Nungwi house) so he was returned to Kivunge Hospital.

Gary repeatedly joined us on the ward round the next day, we believe, as a declaration of his wish to join HIPZ! So we welcome you to the HIPZ family Gary!


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