Case of the Week: 15th Oct

October 16, 2018

This is (hopefully) another success story for the HIPZ Burns Project.


HFH is a 42-year-old man who sustained an electrical burn whilst at work. He was holding a metal bar up to a wire that was still live, and sustained burns to the palms of both his hands (the entry wound of the electricity to his body) and then to the lower half of his right leg and sole of his foot (the exit of the electricity from his body).

Most of these wounds were quite superficial and there were no imminent concerns about them healing; however, the wounds on his hands were deeper and, being on the hand, harder to dress, manage and ultimately, take longer to heal. 


The additional concern with dealing with an electrical burn is that the heart can be affected, as can the kidneys. We are unable to do tracings of the heart (ECGs) here at Kivunge, but thankfully, he has never complained of palpitations or chest pain and his heart rate has remained regular and stable. His kidney function on blood tests is also thankfully normal.


We have been dressing his wounds daily and the Project physio, Mohammed, has seen him on several occasions now. We have current concerns about his right hand, which is getting increasingly swollen and harder for him to make a fist, but we continue to do what he can. We hope that he will make a full recovery but he still has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him. 

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