Triplets benefitting from Kangaroo Mother Care

April 16, 2019

This week we would like to share an update about our famous and successful case of kangaroo mother care (KMC). We are sure that you remember our triplets, three baby girls who were born around 1400gr (3 pounds) in September 2018 and stayed in our KMC ward for almost 6 weeks until they reached the target discharge weight of 1750gr (3.9 pounds). 

Since their discharge from the ward, we have been following them up every Wednesday in our Nutrition and KMC clinic. They breastfeed very well but unfortunately their mum doesn’t have enough milk for three hungry babies, so we were helping them with formula milk for their first 6 months. Last week they reached 6 months and ‘graduated’ from KMC, so now can continue their feeding with breast milk plus porridge and home food.


We thought it was a good idea if the triplets’ mum could go to the KMC to explain her successful story to the other mums, as we were very busy with 7 babies admitted. We were especially excited to introduce her to a new case of triplets.

At the beginning of March another set of three baby girls were born during the night in Tumbatu, a small and isolated island off the west coast of Zanzibar. Their mum brought them by boat to Kivunge Hospital where they were admitted to our KMC ward. They weighed between 1000gr and 1100gr (2.2 and 2.4 pounds). We taught their mum and grandmother how to keep them warm and how to feed them by nasogastric tube (a very fine tube passing from the nose into the stomach for feeding), because they were too small to feed them by mouth. The small one needed oxygen and antibiotics for a couple of weeks, but currently she is doing fine like her sisters. Now they are all over 1400gr and growing well!


We want to share with you this picture of both mums with their triplets.

We are continuing to work with and train local staff to treat and prevent many medical complications associated with prematurity and low birth weight

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